A Sponsored Initiative

Our Team

Since our founding in 1991 the WLIP has provided research assistantships to many Penn students.  We have benefited from collaborations with faculty from universities around the world and with business leaders, government officials, and policy advocates.


Current members of our research team include:

Stew Friedman, Director and Emeritus Practice Professor of Management
Michelle Rajotte, WG ’07, Managing Director
Alyssa Friede Westring, Associate Professor, Department of Management, DePaul University
Dwight Jaggard, Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
Adam Kapelner, PhD student, Department of Statistics
Justin Bleich, PhD student, Department of Statistics
Molly Reed, C ’12, Research Assistant


There have been scores of students who have contributed to our research efforts over the last two decades.  The Student Advisory Board’s (SAB) current members are working on various projects and include:

Radio Show
Meaghan Casey, WG’15
Shabnam Eghbali, W’17
Rajan Sheth, W’17
Alex Swick, W’17

Leah Davidson, W’16
Lucia Huang, W’16

Elizabeth Elder, W’15
John Hoffman, W’16
Prathyum Ramesh, W’14

Jeremy Cohen, W’16
Frank Delpizzo, W’15
Arjan Singh, W’16

W/LIP Forum
Alice (Kexin) Liu, W’14
Kate Mesrobian, W’16
Morgan Motzel, W’15
Liz Stiverson, WG’14

Social Media
Kashfia Ehsan, W’16
Bonnie Leung, W’16

“New Choices” Kit
Rebecca Chen, W’16
Hanna Seminario, W’16
Briana Thompson, W’15
Krisha Vasani, W’17

Total Leadership Workshop
Soo Min Hwang, W’15
Jenna Lin, W’17


Faculty at Wharton who are advising on our current research, The Life Interests of Wharton Students: 1992 and 2012, include:

Matthew Bidwell, Associate Professor of Management
Peter Cappelli, George W. Taylor Professor of Management and Director of the Center for Human Resources
Ethan Mollick, Edward B. and Shirley R. Shils Assistant Professor of Management
Michael Useem, William and Jacalyn Egan Professor of Management and Director of the Center for Leadership and Change
Amy Wrzesniewski, Associate Professor of Organization Behavior, Yale School of Management