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Work and Life is a radio show that explores everything related to work and the rest of life; your home and family, your community and society, and your private self (mind, body, and spirit). You’ll hear from the world’s leading experts – including researchers, CEOs, psychologists – and from everyday people in all kinds of jobs and families, with the aim of helping you become more informed and effective in creating harmony among the different parts of life.

Work and Life is a live interview and call-in show that airs Tuesdays at 7 PM, EST, hosted by Prof. Stew Friedman, Director of Wharton’s Work/Life Integration Project. We broadcast from the Wharton School on the University of Pennsylvania campus.

The mission of Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School is to educate listeners about business and management in order to maximize their personal career success and enhance the social and economic performance of the organizations in which they work. Read the press release about our launch. 

Listen to Work and Life live on Sirius XM’s Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School (Channel 111) on Tuesdays at 7 PM Eastern.  The most recent episodes can be heard On Demand.

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Previous Guests and Interview Excerpts

November 18

  • Ric Ramsey – Executive Director and Vice President, City Year Philadlephia
  • Shelly Ibach – CEO, Select Comfort.

November 25

  • Guy Spier — Author of The Education of the Value Investor.
  • Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks – Vice President, Earth Friendly Products.

December 2

  • Jenny Blake — Author, Life After College
  • Laura Kohler —  Senior VP, Human Resource, Kohler, Co.

December 9

  • Dave Asprey – WG’04, Founder and CEO, Bulletproof Executive.
  • Kathleen Christensen — Director, Sloan Foundation

December 16

  • Scott Schieman, Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto.
  • Dan Clawsen and Naomi Gerstel – Professors of Sociology, UMASS, Amherst.

January 13

  • Dan Calista — Founder and CEO, Vynamic.

January 20

  • Chris MarvinWG’11 Managing Director at GotYour6
  • Rosa Sheng — Architect, Chair of San Francisco AIA, Founding Chair of The Missing 32%

January 27

  • Wharton MBAs — Rena Fried, WG’15 and Vivian Chung, WG’15

February 3

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