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Forthcoming: Better Leaders, Richer Lives:  Innovations for Having It All

We are now planning for our next conference, Better Leaders, Richer Lives: Innovations for Having It All.  We will bring together participants from our study of the Wharton Classes of 1992 and 2012 and leaders in business, academia, and the public sector to discuss the findings of our research and to recognize the best practices of those who are leading the way in creating work environments that cultivate productive, healthy, and enriched lives for families and communities. Watch for details.

To date we have organized five conferences, all of which have been informed by research on best practices conducted by conference attendees:

2000  Caring for the Young Children of Working Parents

1999  Senior Leaders Creating Work/Life Change

1996  What Managers Need to Know to Integrate Work and Life

1995  What Individuals Need to Know to Integrate Work and Life

1994  Dilemmas in Teaching about Work/Life Integration