A Sponsored Initiative

Dilemmas in Teaching
About Work/Life Integration

1994 / Location: Wharton School

Participants from different sectors – academics, business leaders, and advocates/consultants – shared their distinctive perspectives on what and how we should be teaching emerging leaders about work/life integration.  This was our inaugural conference and it was covered by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.


Jessica DeGroot, Independent Consultant / Organizer
Stew Friedman, University of Pennsylvania / Organizer
Paulette Light-Rake, University of Pennsylvania / Intern

Lotte Bailyn, MIT
Ellen Bankert, Center on Work & Family
Jim Beirne, University of Pennsylvania
Paula Caproni, University of Michigan
Perry Christensen, Merck
Christine Dreyfus, University of Pennsylvania
Jane Dutton, University of Michigan
Dana Friedman, Families and Work Institute
Jeff Greenhaus, Drexel University
Ellen Ernst Kossek, Michigan State
Richard Kroon, Johnson & Johnson
Mary Dean Lee, McGill University
Sharon Lobel, Seattle University
Frances Milliken, New York University
Olivia Mitchell, University of Pennsylvania
Edie Needleman, University of Pennsylvania
Saroj Parasuraman, Drexel University
Charles Rodgers, Rodgers and Associates
Karol Rose, Kwasha Lipton
Wendy Starr, Xerox
Susan Thomas, Cigna