A Sponsored Initiative

What Individuals Need to Know

1995 / Location: Merck World Headquarters, Whitehouse Station, NJ 

Participants conducted their own field research on the skills needed to integrate work and the rest of life prior to arriving at this event, held at Merck’s world headquarters.  Through two days of discussion and deliberation this group of thought leaders distilled the findings.

The principles and skills that emerged from this work became the basis for future publications and initiatives designed to educate people at all organizational levels and to transform business and society. The Wall Street Journal wrote two articles about this event.


Perry Christensen, Merck / Organizer
Jessica DeGroot, Independent Consultant / Organizer
Stew Friedman, University of Pennsylvania / Organizer

Ellen Bankert, Center on Work & Family
Jeanne Brett, Northwestern University
Paula Caproni, University of Michigan (participated in pre-work)
James Clawson, University of Virginia
Jeff Greenhaus, Drexel University
Kim Hains, NationsBank
Chris Kjeldson, Johnson & Johnson
Donna Klein, Marriott International, Inc.
Ellen Ernst Kossek, Michigan State University
Mary Dean Lee, McGill University
Sharon Lobel, Seattle University
Victoria Medvec, Cornell University
Frances Milliken, New York University
Saroj Parasuraman, Drexel University
Wendy Starr, Xerox
Susan Thomas, Cigna
Cynthia Thompson, Baruch College, CUNY
Faith Wohl, United States Government, Office of Workplace Initiatives